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Massage Training

New for 2024!

The Next Wave Training School will open its doors in Spring, 2024!

Our trainings are for anyone wanting to truly learn and embody the art of massage. This is not a two day, learn the basics and then off you go. We believe massage is an incredible and powerful gift that in the right hands, can positively impact people lives and healing journey's. With a focus on breaking away from the 'routine', our trainings will be all about learning how to work intuitively, treat all bodies and work in a genuinely holistic way. Our syllabus and methodology is in depth, detailed and will leave you feeling confident to step into a career as a skilled therapist. Training will be provided in two ways, 1 to 1 or, via 8 day, residential intensives in a more immersive, retreat style setting with a small group. 

Keen to join us? We are taking early submissions so you can be kept in the loop of details, dates and availability. Simply subscribe below!

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