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Massage Therapy Training - Level 3 Diploma

with Amy



Massage has been a core part of my life for over 13 years. In that time I have been lucky enough to work in some incredible places and meet some of the most beautiful people imaginable. It most certainly has been a life worth living! Over those years I have grown, changed and evolved how I treat people and use massage as a tool for healing. I have been blessed to work alongside exceptional health professionals from physiotherapists and surgeons to shamans and seen first hand what a community of people working towards supporting someone can achieve.


Massage is magic, supported by a tonne of science - what's not to love?!


Cornwall - Level 3 Diploma Massage Therapy Training

April 18th to 26th   &  November 8th to 16th

Barcelona - Level 3 Diploma - Massage Therapy Training

October 4th to 13th


Want to learn a life changing new skill and start up your own business? 

Our trainings are for anyone wanting to truly learn and embody the art of massage. This is not a two day, learn the basics and then off you go. We believe massage is an incredible and powerful gift that in the right hands, can positively impact peoples lives and healing journey's. With a focus on breaking away from the 'routine', trainings will be all about learning how to work intuitively, treat all bodies and work in a genuinely holistic way. Our syllabus and methodology is in depth, detailed and will leave you feeling confident to step into a career as a skilled therapist. Training will be provided via 8 or 9 night, residential intensives in a more immersive, retreat style setting with a small group. 


Why Training Retreats?

Escape 'the routine'!

Have you ever had a massage the feels like it's going through the motions? We teach the skills and techniques required to be an amazing therapist without getting stuck in the same routine! We allow for time to practice and explore your own style so that you can leave us feeling ready to take on your new role.

Immersive Experience

We specialise in 'retreat style' trainings that mean you move in to live and breathe all things massage! Not only is this the most magical way to learn but it also means you get so much more out of your training, and your experience. We champion self care while also having a lot of fun along the way!

Embrace Flow

Our trainings put an emphasis on using the skills you learn to build confidence in trusting your intuition. Linking techniques fluidly and confidently will elevate your treatments to the next level! We embrace tools such as yoga, movement and music to help you find your flow and create massage magic.

What Will You Learn?

Your learning experience is at the forefront of everything we do and we want to be as transparent as possible. The Next Wave Massage Therapy syllabus has been constructed in a way to give you the the perfect amount of everything you need to become a confident massage therapist while also running accordance with the highest accreditation standards from International body, ThinkTree. Your qualification allows you to seek employment almost anywhere in the world, gain insurance and take part in CPD courses of your choosing. 

  • The art of consultations and great communication to assess your client and create the perfect treatment for them. 

  • Skills and techniques to complete a full body massage, head to toe!

  • Holistic, deep tissue and 'no hands' techniques.

  • Contra-indications and ways to adapt your treatments to your clients needs. 

  • Adapting treatments for pregnancy, minors and the elderly including seated massage. 

  • How to use massage to treat stress and work with the nervous system.

  • Anatomy, physiology & pathology - we get creative and make this fun and applicable to your work, no powerpoint presentations. 

  • After care, booking and re-booking your clients to grow your business. 

  • Self care, posture and delivery that keeps your safe and working for years to come.

  • And so much more!


Cornwall Level 3 Massage Diploma

April 18th to 26th

November 8th to 16th

  • I have never massaged before! Can I join as a total beginner?
    Yes! Our training is designed to be accessible to a complete beginner. All we ask is that you have a passion to learn.
  • Can I join the training just because I want to learn and not become accredited?
    Of course! If you want to come and have an amazing time learning a new life skill then you are very welcome. You will not have to do the external modules however we recommend that you do still do the assessment, that way if you want to change your mind and upgrade to being fully accredited, you can! Until then, your certificate will clearly say that you are not liable for insurance or employment as a qualified massage therapist.
  • What do I need to do before I arrive on the course?
    Ideally, you will have completed the three online training modules in Anatomy, Physiology & Pathology, Health & Hygiene and Business, that we arrange for you, before you join your training retreat. However, this is not compulsory and your are able to complete these modules after the training retreat has ended. Please be aware, until these are completed you will not be able to seek insurance or employment as a fully qualified massage therapist so, the sooner the better! That means, if you are not joining us for qualification and just to learn a wonderful life skill, this is not compulsory. There are four, short modules that have a simple assessment that ALL students are required to complete before training begins. These are sent to you via email to do in your own time and are vital to you being prepared to start the in person element of the training.
  • What is and isn't included?
    The prices you will see on the booking pages automatically includes your Anatomy, Physiology & Pathology, Health & Hygiene and Business modules. If you are opting out of accreditation, this cost is removed so you never pay for something you don't get and can take £300 off of the total price. The total costs include - All external modules with ThinkTree. - All Next Wave coursebooks. - All inclusive training retreat inc. accommodation, delicious food and all tuition. - All certification and assessments. - Continual support and case study assistance after your training retreat. We do not include - Any insurances inc. student and travel insurance. - Travel to and from the training - a complimentary airport shuttle will be in place for trainings outside of the UK.
  • Can I spread the in person training out over different trainings?
    Sadly, this is not an option.
  • I am a light sleeper, will private rooms be available?
    Yes! We make sure that there are private rooms available on our trainings for anyone that knows they need their own space for a perfect nights sleep. However, these are often the first rooms to sell out so grab them fast!

Why become a massage therapist?

We may be biased, but we think it's the best job ever!

  • Perfect up skill for yoga teachers and current fitness professionals.

  • Create your own business to work from home or explore the world.

  • Set your own schedule and have more freedom. 

  • Have a genuinely positive impact on peoples lives.

  • Be able to work in spas, clinics or part of therapy teams. 

  • Meet new people and have a wonderful community.

Massage Therapy

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